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Digital Biometric And Passcode Security Safe

You are just few buttons and/or Fingerprint away from accessing your valuable items anytime.

Digital Biometric And Passcode Security Safe

Jaysun Passcode and Biometric secured digital home locker designed for both, business and home use, always provides strong security for your valuables. The digital lock protects valuables with a unique numeric password. To add, it has a non-volatile memory that remembers the password even when the batteries are replaced.

The safe is smart enough to freeze after 3 consecutive wrong attempts. Designed keeping in mind the vulnerable areas like the hinges, the pillars, the back of the door and the back of the locker are all thoughtfully strengthen. The multi-bend construction of metal sheets ensure that each locker meets the highest quality standards.

Product Details
Model Number J3L5
Size 16.5(H) x 14(W) x 14(D) inch
Color Silver, White, Ivory
Material Galvanized iron ( GI )
Warranty 1 year on product